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The biggest mistake was signing the contract with VGC. The whole experience was a nightmare. HEADACHE. Read the ONE STAR comments in Google, Facebook and Houzz on VGC. Most of what others are saying happened to us as well. If we had a PM like their brochure promised, the wall wouldn't have been built 4 inches too shallow and this was not discovered until after mudding, sanding, primered and painted; VGC could not fit the washer and dryer in place and they had to demolish the new wall and redo. Additionally, VGC removed existing walls in our home without due diligence until we insisted to have the home's structural integrity checked by an engineer which resulted to 3 cross beams being installed - at an additional cost - to support the roof. This was safety 101 neglected. Those are only a couple of MANY headaches. When reading VGC reviews online, question who is giving them the 5-star reviews. For instance, you will find the owner, Hussain Khather, giving himself 5 stars in Google Reviews and speaking in third person as if he is a client in his attempt to raise his own rating. Conduct research on the others giving 5-star reviews and you may be surprised at the result. Before you sign that contract with VGC, conduct your research - This is your time, money and mental health at stake. 1) Check how many times VGC has been involved in court cases Go to the BC government website "" click on "Search Civil" on the left menu choose both for "Individual" and "Organization" and type "VGC" in the name field. Click search. The result displays a string of court cases VGC has been involved in. It's in double digits. 2) Conduct research on those who gave a 5-star review. Are they legitimate? 3) Read the one star reviews; they're gold. If we researched VGC as outlined in this review before we signed the contract, we would not have made the mistake. From personal experience, Vancouver General Contractors is absolutely not recommended.
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