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Find Top Reviews of Home Improvement & Construction Contractors in Quebec, Canada

Find the qualified professionals in Quebec you need to ensure the successful completion of your next home project. At eieihome you’ll find the service professionals nearest you in Quebec, and reviews from customers who have already worked with them. This allows you to learn more about the professional’s workmanship, customer service, pricing and more. Then, simply browse their contact information to call or email for a quote.

Looking for Quebec's Top General Contractors Á Interior Design Companies?

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Latest Reviews

( 1 Reviews)
I THOUGHT this company was reputable. I also thought I was paying for quality ($6554.00) in 2016 Dealt with a very nice man named Sam >>
( 3 Reviews)
Yesterday , I found that the heating was not normal. After Thomas’s suggestion, I changed the filter. The heater returned to normal operation. This means >>
( 9 Reviews)
Marc did several jobs for me around my house. He does great work at competitive prices. I would highly recommend Marc's Handyman Services to my >>
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