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Vacu-Duct Cleaning Services

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Duct Cleaning


In many cases we work in conjunction with your maintenance or HVAC Company on upgrade or on retrofit to ensure that your whole system is operating at peak efficiency with improved indoor air quality. The state of the art equipment that we use are industrial truck mounted high-powered vacuums with compressed air tools exclusively designed and manufactured for Vacu-Duct. From these machines our technicians run a 10" or 8" diameter hose into your basement or crawl space which is attached to your main ducts near the furnace. All register covers are removed and cleaned. Compressed air is fed into each register pipe to loosen the dirt and debris and then to blow it to the main trunk line. The supply and intake main trunk lines are cleaned with compressed air and a unique device… a skipper ball. The holes that we cut to access the main trunk lines are sealed professionally. The blower and filter compartment are cleaned. The chimney port is cleaned. The heating or cooling unit is turned back on. All work is checked out by the supervisor. The supervisor will advise the customer of any areas that require attention. Yes, your very own home or workplace could be endangering your health and making you sick. No building, whether it is a house, school, hospital, church or an office is immune to the sick building syndrome. Research by the Lung Association states, "That Canadians spend an average of 90% of their time indoors… 65% of which is at home." According to further research by the Lung Association, "Individuals who are especially susceptible to indoor air pollution are the very people that spend the most time at home. Babies, pregnant women and the elderly are the major victims of indoor air pollution." You are conditioned to the air that you are breathing in your home but after having the ductwork cleaned, you too will experience the benefits of clean air and appreciate the relief it can bring. The decision is yours but you can no longer take clean air for granted!

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