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The Team is available 7 days a week.Our core business is mold. Our team of trained certified mold professionals focus on excellent customer service and getting the job done right with a common sense approach to mold inspections removal.

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    9 Reviews

    1.Thank You In A Time Of Need

    Mr. TT 8/12/2013

    Thank you so much for all your assistance! Your company provided immediate assistance in a desperate time of need. I will always remember this and be sure to come to you guys again if I ever come across mold again. And I will be sure to recommend your services to friends and family. With your and Gregg’s help I was able to take care of neighbour’s mold concerns. After Gregg finished the mold/moisture inspection, neighbour claimed that there was still mold in several other areas around the cross-sectional perimeter of the second ceiling where my handyman had already cut out the mold. Gregg was very patient and re-inspected each of those areas of concern to prove to us that there was no mold. He recommended for my handyman to cut out an extra 1.5” deeper along a certain edge that my handyman already cut. Afterwards the neighbour asked for air sampling test (I was right that she would ask for every form of testing that is available) and a copy of the report (of findings) whereby Gregg demonstrated his professionalism and expertise to reassure her that neither of these were necessary due to the simple case of mold that we had.Neighbour and I have agreed to continue with closing up her ceiling. We are back on target to finish the whole job before the end of the month (her deadline). Again, THANK YOU for your company’s help! TT

    2.Communication Is Key

    Kim and David 6/5/2012

    Gregg and the team were an incredible company to work with. From the very beginning when we set up an appointment to have an estimate done for our project, right to the very end they were very professional and prompt. Our appointment for an estimate was quickly arranged and shortly after we had made our decision, the team showed up to begin the job. The crew was very polite and extremely thorough. They kept the area in front of our house clean no litter, cigarette butts etc. At the end of every day, Dean or Gregg spoke with us to keep us apprised of how the job was progressing even showed us pictures and informed us of anything that may be of concern. When they discovered we had a leaky foundation, Gregg referred us to a waterproofing professional. We appreciated the fact that there was no hard sell, we were given options on how to proceed with the job and were willing to work with us if we wanted to do some of the work ourselves. In the end we let them take care of us, as we felt overwhelmed by the scope of the job and they exceeded our expectations. All in all, we were extremely impressed with Gregg and the team and feel they are trustworthy and reputable company and would definitely recommend them.

    3.Breathing easier now! May 22nd, 2012

    David & Christine 6/4/2012

    When we thought we saw mold in our basement, I snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to Gregg at The response was very prompt, but an official diagnosis couldn't be made without an inspection. The guys showed up exactly on schedule a pleasant surprise for any Toronto home owner, completed the inspection, confirming our suspicion. We received their quote within the promised 48 hour period the rate was very reasonable and scheduled the work. Once again, the guys arrived at exactly the time promised. They were very respectful of our home and took great care to protect our floors. After the work was complete, they placed everything back as they found it and took the time to explain what they had done, and what to watch for in the future. Other than the mold being gone, it was like they had never been there because everything was as it was before. If you suspect mold, don't hesitate to call We, and our dogs breathe much easier

    4.Sometimes it is a combination of what you know, and who you know. May 22nd, 2012

    Kathy & Andy 6/4/2012

    "I can't say enough for Gregg, Dean and their team. While mold remediation is not pretty and certainly not what anyone wants to spend their household budget on I am so glad that we did. Initially we had thought we were dealing with a minor mold issue and the re-installation of a basement washroom. Gregg and Dean uncovered two issues when the drywall was removed - a water issue and structural concerns with an extension to the house. Not something that a homeowner wants to hear but I felt 100 PERCENT confident in the concerns and recommendations of Gregg and Dean and very reassured by their manner. This has multiplied the scope and the budget for this project. Gregg was able to refer me to an excellent waterproofing company (The Waterproofer Inc) and a contractor that we look forward to working with (The Belyea Brothers). All three companies have a solid working relationship and it gives me great peace of mind to know that they can discuss the project without having to use me as a middle person -although never excluding me and always keeping me fully informed. I feel that there has been a seamless transition to the waterproofing. Gregg , Dean and crew were professional and respectful at all times. It was remarkable how clean they were considering that my entire basement was basically stripped back to it's pre-finished state and how painless and unobtrusive the whole process was (after the initial shock of discovering the water and structural issues). is topnotch and sets a very high bar for service and quality. I highly recommend them to anyone with mold issues!

    5.Thanks for making us a mold free home

    Jacqueline 5/28/2012

    Customer Says, I wanted to thank you and your team for the work you did to make our basement safe again. Although learning we had a serious and widespread mold problem was not the news we wanted to hear, your diligence in determining which areas were impacted and explanation as to why the mold was there, how it had spread and what the ensuing remediation work would entail gave us a clear picture of what we were dealing with. Your quote and the following work accurately reflected your the assessment and left us with with no surprises. The team that did the work were personable yet professional and very discreet. They did not interrupt my day to day activities with two young children at home, but when we did see them at the beginning and end of the day they were friendly and polite with the kids and took the time to answer any questions I had. We highly would recommend to anyone with a mold problem. Thanks for making us a mold free home Jacqueline