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Andrukonis Restorations

229 Oak Ave , Windsor, Ontario , N9A 5E5  -   Map


We commit to providing craftsmanship, reliable and dependable service with satisfaction guaranteed results. Our commitment to personal property protection is one of our highest priorities and will remain a core focus, and under no circumstances will be compromised. While we don’t believe everyone is a potential customer for Andrukonis Restorations, we are determined to treat every potential customer with respect and put forth the effort to determine if they could be a customer The proper application of paint on walls, floors, or furniture can change the look of your entire home. Using the right paint, selecting the interior painting proper product, and using professional techniques Andrukonis Restoration will give you the results worthy of your home. If you need a color consultation, we can schedule a professional to meet with you and determine what works best with your existing color scheme. We will work closely with your schedule so our interior painters can come into your home when you want the job done. We are available for weekend and some holiday work if it is scheduled in advance. Does your home need Kitchen Remodeling? If you have any culinary skills at all, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. whether you are interested in just freshening up your existing kitchen or you are out to completely revamp the space - Kitchen remodels are possibly the most self-satisfying of interior renovations. In most cases, Kitchen Remodels and new designs to match specific needs will come first with most homeowners.

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