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Air Busters

1655 Normandy St. , Lasalle, Ontario , N9J 1X9  -   Map


Duct Cleaning


Air Busters Air Duct Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. We promise to build this business on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and accountability. We fully adhere to the high standards of HVAC cleaning, as set by NADCA, and will treat our customers and their homes with the utmost of respect. Our operator / technician will do a "walk-through" with you in your home, taking up any immediate concerns that you may have. The technician will also confirm the estimated price of the job, length of time the job will require, access to vents, etc. Next, our technician will hook up a large vacuum hose from the Power Vac truck to the heating system. He will either remove your motor / blower assembly or bypass the furnace depending on access, and the make and model of your furnace. Your technician will now start the Power Vac Truck to place your duct work under extreme suction. He will then cut access holes and / or 1" or 2" plugs where necessary for proper cleaning and inspection. With your system under suction, our technician will brush the inside walls, and tops and bottoms of your ducts, loosening the caked-on dirt and dust. After your ducts have been brushed, your technician will use a "forward skipper" which snakes its way from your register to the main line, discharging 250 psi of compressed air in a 360 degree pattern. This ensures that even the smallest dust particles are removed from the duct and out to the Power Vac Truck. Your return air grills are then removed and the "crossover type" duct work is cleaned using the forward skipper, forcing the dust all the way to the main line. After the vents have been cleaned, your technician will Power Brush all the main lines including the hot and cold air plenums. Now that all your ductwork is clean, the furnace, furnace chimney and all combustion components are cleaned. The heat exchanger is visually inspected for stress cracks and carbon monoxide leaks, and the fan and motor are also cleaned and lubricated. All access holes are secured with re-usable metal panels, and any other cleaning holes are securely plugged. Your furnace will now be reassembled and tested. Then, your technician will removed the cleaning equipment from your home.

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