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EiEi Home would be pleased to receive an original review from you. EiEi Home wants your opinions to be heard. We want homeowners to get the information they need to make smart, informed choices. You can help us do that!

In order to provide consumers with information about services received from contractors or product purchased from suppliers, EiEi Home allows consumers and users of this website to post reviews and opinions to this website. The reviews posted on the EiEi Home website are individual opinions and are, by their nature, highly subjective and should be treated as such. EiEi Home allows reviews to be posted as a service to users of this website, subscribers and the community consequently; EiEi Home neither endorses the reviews posted by homeowners nor companies’ corresponding responses. EiEi Home reserves the right to delete a review or company response for any reason including inappropriate language content or tone.

Required information

In order to post a review, on this website, EiEi Home requires:

Posting Guidelines

While EiEi Home can in its sole discretion remove any review or response, the following are useful guidelines when you write and submit reviews or responses:

What We Will Remove

The following are some reasons a review may be removed from EiEiHome.

For further details on what we may remove, please see our Terms of Use.

Who owns a review and what that means?

Response to Reviews

Our “Respond to this Review” section allows the representatives of parties or entities reviewed to respond. EiEi Home applies the same posting guidelines set out above to such responses except that the response can only be written by the contractor, management or authorized employee. The identity of a company representative that files a response to a review will be made public on the Site as this information does not fall within the type of information and circumstances covered by our Privacy Policy.