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Ozone Duct Cleaning prides itself on being a company that caters to the home owner. Our experienced, well trained staff ensure customer satisfaction.With that in mind, we spend extra time and effort in order to make you happy. Read More
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Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to get rid of your dust bunnies
Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to get rid of your dust bunnies

Spring cleanup is on everyone's list after being confined indoors this past winter. Cleaning the home is an integral "good feeling" ritual practiced by many during this time of year, but some believe it stops at the walls, windows and floors. eieihome.com spoke to Todd Smith of Ozone Duct Cleaning about how to make sure that the bunny that visits you this weekend isn’t of the “dust” variety.



Ozone Duct Cleaning Gallery
Ozone Duct Cleaning Gallery
Ozone Duct Cleaning Gallery
Ozone Duct Cleaning Gallery
Ozone Duct Cleaning Gallery


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Diligent, honest and ethical!

Todd from Ozone came in this past month to clean my ducts and the difference in air quality has been remarkable. When I first moved into my home and used my air conditioning a horrible odour came out of my ducts. It gave me such a bad headache I had to turn it off. After he cleaned the ducts the difference in air quality was immediate. The horrible odour is gone and so are my headaches. Furthermore, Todd was very considerate by insisting to take off his shoes when he entered the house and was happy to answer any questions that I had. I was appreciative of how honest and upfront he was about the whole process. Overall an excellent experience and I've already recommended Todd to many friends!


THANK YOU kindly to Mr. Todd Smith for the excellent job he did during his January 15, 2014 visit. Todd was friendly and respectful, mindful of the property and contents, evidently efficient, generous with professional advice, and left no evidence of his work other than what one might presume to be very clean ducts. (By the way, excellent online video/demo!) Overall, I'd give Todd 5/5, A+, and 100% for a job very well done. Thanks again, Todd, and keep up the great work! I will not hesitate to recommend ODC to anyone who might be in need of such services. Thanks for your time in reviewing these comments, and have a great day!

Excellent duct cleaner

We recently used Todd Smith's duct cleaning services for the first time and found him to be excellent. Previously, we've used other companies including some of the big retailers and their discount offers, but we'll use Ozone Duct Cleaning instead. Not only was his price competitve with other duct cleaners we have used, he was much more thorough. There was no rushing to get the job done. Instead he was very deliberate in his approach and made sure each duct cover was removed and properly cleaned. He is professional and clearly concerned about making sure the job is done right. I would not hesitate to recommend his services. Steve in North York

totally satisfied

We used Ozone in our previous house and were so pleased with the overall experience .From the first phone call,to the cleaning day,top notch.We moved,hour and half away,we thought oh no,will Ozone come this far, we really did not want anyone else to do our duct cleaning. Todd did a special favour and came all this way.As usual the job was tops.The same fantastic service,cleaned dryer vent,central vac.,tightened/added screws were needed etc.Todd's knowledge of the service is beyond.All and all would not have anyone else EVER do our duct cleaning.Hope to see you in a year or so Todd >

Wow!...This a go to company for sure!!

I called and booked Ozone after reading reviews here on eieihome...boy were they right!! It's been about a week (I decided to give it some time to see if we noticed a difference) since Todd showed up to clean our air ducts and the central vac system. I'm the type of person who doesn't mind paying a little more if the service and work done is good enough to justify it. Well he exceeded my hopes!! The customer service was great! They were very friendly and full of helpful information, (not the fly in, hook up vacuum and blow out each vent type like a lot of companies are!). And the attention to cleaning all areas they work around after was a nice added touch. Now the process they use by blowing air backwards away from the furnace and motor I was very intrigued by. It worked great and made us feel better that all the dirt wasn't being pushed into the most expensive part of the whole system! Overall Fantastic! I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone to go with these guys! Awesome!

Great Service Great Value

We recently had some construction work done in our home and I was looking to get the ducts cleaned. From the very first call, Todd demonstrated his acute knowledge of the business and he was able to answer all of my questions and explain how his process differs than the traditional duct cleaning service. Todd communicated with me via email and phone and I was able to pay with a credit card on the spot and have my receipt sent to my email instantly. His commitment to keeping my home clean and damage free was appreciated. I can actually notice the air quality difference. Thanks Todd

Very Clean & Very Professional & Super Awesome

Todd arrived in the allotted time and was very thorough in checking all my vents. He actually found something that could have been a fire hazard and explained it to the condo board. He cleaned the dryer ducts, fans, kitchen fan and the rest of the vents. Whenever any debris spread to the floor he either vacuumed it up or swept it up. He was also very patient with my questions and very thorough with his clean up. In fact he went and replaced some missing screws in my vents to better secure them to my ceiling, and he repaired my furnaces panel by attaching it properly. When the vacuum accidentally sucked in a curtain panel, he took it down and ironed out the creases! He was a little bit more pricey than others but I believe it was well worth it. Overall I was floored by his service and there is now a noticeable improvement in my air quality! I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends (I already have!).

Clean and Very Professional

I have never submitted a review for anything but I appreciated the professional and courteous manner to which Todd and his crew approached their work, so I think this review is warranted. Honestly I was shocked firstly by the amount of debris that was taken out of my ducts. Secondly by how clean the home was kept when I returned! The last company I had used were quite untidy and left a fine spray of dust everywhere around the furnace. I would highly recommend Todd for your duct and furnace cleaning.

Duct Cleaning

I moved to a new house and had Todd from Ozone Duct cleaning come in and clean my ducts, the work was done really professional and clean, Todd has great customer service, I will highly recommend Ozone Duct cleaning to all my friend. Thank you Todd for great clean work.

duct cleaning needed stat right before Christmas

we had just moved into a resale home on Dec 14. 2012 . Right from entering the residence, there was a distinct repulsive odor. Checked the furnace, then decided to get the ducts cleaned. Busiest time of year, however when I apoke to Todd from Ozone Duct Cleaning and informed him of the odor he was sympathetic and Todd squeezed this job into his schedule at the end of the day. Todd and Andrew arrived on time and Todd explained the procedure thoroughly. What is unique about Ozone Duct Cleaning is they suck the debris from EVERY individual vent and the from the furnace. I have had duct cleaning before where all the vents were covered and only one opening in the furnace attempted to suck the dirt and debris. I appreciated Todd and Andrew's hard work. After the job, they resealed the openings and kept the areas tidy. I would highly recommend Ozaone Duct Cleaning. In fact, I would ONLY utilize their services in duct cleaning!! Thank you again, Todd.
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Ozone duct cleaning is a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction, straight forward pricing and quality assurance.

We believe in doing the job right the first time. Our process is different than conventional duct cleaning, which hooks the vacuum hose to the basement main ducting and blow down branch ducting with air pressure; we found a better way. We take the 8" vacuum hose to each individual vent along with what's called an air snake.
This produces reverse air pressure, which results in dirt and debris being drawn "up" into the vacuum as opposed to being blown down into the plenum (furnace area). We start on the top floor cleaning each supply and return and work our way down to the basement. In the basement the same process is preformed on the main supply and return, resulting in an extremely clean air movement system.

This process is much more time consuming and cumbersome on our end, but we have found that this is the best way to thoroughly clean the "entire" system.

Ozone Duct Cleaning takes the time to explain the process as it is happening and ensures you are happy with our service. After all, producing a healthy client relationship is the cornerstone to succeeding in business.

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